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RTL Luxembourg visits Patrick Arendt

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

RTL spent more than 6 weeks with Patrick Arendt in PANAMA to document his life and emigration to Panama as a Luxembourger.


Part 1 Old Town and generally about the Panama Canal

Part 2 Nature and wildlife / Whale season on Isla Contadora

Have fun watching. The reports are in Luxembourgish but the pictures speak for themselves!

Today Patrick Arendt, CEO of Panama Tours and Scuba SA, is the leading provider for cruise ships like AIDA, MEIN SCHIFF 6 and more. Furthermore, Panama Tours and Scuba S.A. offers trips to Ecuador, Galapagos and Costa Rica.

Attached is the link to the world trips.

The Luxembourg native (speaks 6 languages) offers all shore excursions for cruise ships in Panama, tours that are worth seeing. Local actors receive direct support.

No intermediate tour agencies earning a commission and thus the local Panamenios are supported.

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