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Panama Tours & Scuba SA is a travel company in Panama that offers various shore excursions. These excursions include visits to Gamboa, Casco Viejo, the Embera Indians, the Panama Canal, the Miraflores and Agua Clara Locks.

These excursions offer you the opportunity to discover the beauty and culture of Panama.

The pickup time varies depending on the cruise ship.

We offer: group tours by Bus, small groups of up to 11 people and VIP tours with up to 7 people


Venas Azules Portobelo
Miraflores locks
Casco Viejo Panama
EMBERA Quera excursion

Embera village


Your adventure begins on the shores of Lake Alajuela, where you will meet the Emberá people with their homemade canoes.

You will take a 30 - 60 minute boat ride (time depends on river water level). You will hike through pristine rainforest and see many birds such as herons, ospreys, perhaps toucans and parrots. You may also come across turtles, a caiman and, if you're lucky, a sloth, otter or monkey. If the water level is high enough, you can take a quick swim in a waterfall on the way to the village.

Upon arrival in the village, you will be greeted with traditional music and given a fascinating presentation of Emberá history, culture and life in a typical communal hut. After the presentation, you will be served a delicious lunch of fresh fish, fried plantains and local fruits.

After lunch, you have the opportunity to take a 20 - 30 minute hike with one of the village elders to learn more about their medicinal plants. You will also have time to view or buy the exquisite hand-woven baskets, plates or masks made of palm fiber, cocobolo (rosewood) or tagua nut wood, get a temporary tattoo, swim in the river, play with the Emberá children, etc to interact with the villagers or take photos.

AGUA CLARA excursion

Agua Clara locks


The Agua Clara Locks are one of the Panama Canal lock complexes and are located near Colón, Panama. They opened in 2016 and are part of the canal's expansion that allows larger ships, the so-called Neopanamax, to pass through the canal. The Agua Clara locks are technologically advanced and feature state-of-the-art equipment to carry out the lock process efficiently and safely. They are equipped with cameras and sensors to monitor ship traffic and control the lock process. Visitors have the opportunity to tour the Agua Clara Locks from a visitor center. From there you have an impressive view of the locks and can experience the locking process up close. There are also informative exhibitions and films that explain more about how the canal works and the significance of the expansion. The Agua Clara Locks are an important part of the Panama Canal, a technological masterpiece and an impressive example of engineering excellence. If you are interested in the Panama Canal, a visit to the Agua Clara Locks is definitely recommended. 

Embera Indian +

Agua Clara locks

VIP 2 people              : 175 USD p/p  

VIP 3-4 people           : 135 USD p/p

VIP 5-7 people           : 125 USD p/p

Group 7-20 people     : 100 USD p/p

Group 21-49 people   :   90 USD p/p

Children 0-4 years      :  free

Children 5-12 years    :  50%

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